guttersTips to extend the life of the guttering system

How often to check the draining system of the roof?

The time for inspection and maintenance of down pipes and gutters can double and eve triple the life of the drainage system of the roof. This, therefore, saves repair costs.

Our advice is to check their condition twice a year (spring and autumn) or if once spring.

How come the problems?

One of the most common cause of a problem is poor drainage due to irregular slope of the gutters. Then the water begin to be kept at certain points in the gutter and overflowing. This leads to accumulation of sludge and accelerates corrosion.

Another problem can be  a total or partial blockage of the gutter or down pipe. At temperatures below zero the accumulated water from the established “stopper” freezes, expands and damages the down pipe.

A possible problem might be a falling from the gutter down the down pipe ice. Then the ice hits the down pipe on every possible crinkle, which leads to breakthroughs in the pipes and deformation of the brackets.

Is the slope of the gutters normal?

For proper swelling provide about 1 cm drop every 3 m from the midpoint of the gutter which is located between every two adjacent down pipes. Higher or lower points along the smooth path could be fixed by adjusting the clamp-holders of the gutter. Gently fold up or down is often sufficient. Sometimes an additional brackets are required.

How to protect the gutter from clogging with leaves?

In areas with many trees, it is recommended the installation of a special cover against leaves and protective leaves stoppers can be placed on every down pipe. Note that it is necessary to clear them periodically from leaves and other tree branches.

General tips of how to prolong the life of the guttering system.

Periodically inspect for obstructions in the down pipe, look for places in the gutter where the water is retained or even overflowing?

Periodically check that the swelling is normal ( you can just pour a bucket of water in the gutter and see what happens to it).

Check for corrosion, broken brackets, bended gutters, dripping down the walls, (destroyed or puffy coat is a sure sign of leaks in the facade).

However, the services we provide are not safe and can cause injury, we advise to call professionalists.