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We work with all kinds of gutters (plastic, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium etc.)

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Our Gutter Replacement Team

We at Scrappydio Gutter Replacement have more than 8 years experience in the overall construction of new guttering systems, as well as replacing of old, damaged or incorrectly installed gutters and downpipes. We also offer gutter cleaning, fascia and soffit repair, replacement and cleaning, roof repair and roof cleaning.

Our team consist of highly qualified specialists with long experience in London and beyond. We are fully equipped, uniformed, ladder and harness safety trained to carry out the gutter replacement at minimum risk. However, if an accident or damage happens, we are fully covered.


How We Replace Gutters

We always do our best to provide our customers with quality services at the lowest possible cost. In our 8 years experience in providing quality gutter replacement services, we have never used a scaffolding or a dismantle access tower on a two or three storey building. The actual assembly of the scaffolding can take roughly up to one day, almost as much as to be disassembled. On a typical terraced house, this could cost half of the gutter replacement job itself, which makes the scaffolding unreasonable when comes to end cost.

Our team is trained well enough to be able to execute the work by using an extension ladder and if necessary a harness. A scaffolding might only be used for four storey buildings or higher, only of course if there is no another way to complete the work safely.



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A good guttering company, like our, will never overstate to make a gutter replacement quote over the phone. Instead, it will come and inspect (free of charge) the existing gutters and down pipes, the fascia and soffit boards, the eaves felt, measure your property and note the colours and style of your home (windows, doors, walls etc.) so the new guttering can match them ideally.

However, if you need an advice in choosing quality materials, or would like to compose an orientation budget for your project, we will gladly help! Provide your full address and a description of your requirements on our contact form at the bottom of the page, send us an email or give us a call on the phone numbers below. We’ll be then able to check the property with satellite images technology and based on the information you give us, we can prepare a rough estimate in the next 24 hours since you make the enquiry.


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Our Latest Fascia, Soffit and Gutter Replacement Jobs

Below is a selection of photos we’ve taken during some of our jobs. You can select any image to see a larger view.


Fascia and Gutter Replacement

Here the rotten fascia board was removed and replaced with a new wooden board, which has then been painted. The gutters were also removed and a new plastic gutters were fitted. New eaves felt (the felt that overlaps into the guttering) can also be installed if needed.


Fascia & Soffit Installation and Gutter Replacement

Below you see photos showing old guttering being replaced with new PVC gutters and new plastic fascia and soffit boards being installed. In this case, the existing wooden fascia and soffit boards were capped over.


Fascia and Gutter Replacement

Here the fascia boards were replaced with new wooden boards and the old gutters replaced with new ones. New eaves felt was also installed as the existing one was rotten.


Downpipe & Gutter Replacement

Below you see a selection of images showing downpipe and gutter replacement. The gaps between the wooden fascia board and the wall were filled with exterior filler and new eaves felt was also fitted as the existing one was too short and wasn’t overlapping into the gutter.


Gutter replacement is a job which covers a wide range of services. To ensure, that you have made the right decision for your gutters and have chosen a good guttering company, please take the time to read the rest of this page.



What Material And Shape Guttering To Choose?

The roof gutters hold an important part of the appearance of every building and if  not chosen correctly, they can reduce the shine of your home. There are many things that require attention when comes to gutter replacement, as well as many materials and shapes which you can choose from. It is a good idea to spend enough time when choosing new gutters for your home, as their cost, durability and compatibility may vary.

Here we will look at some of the guttering materials and their “For and Against”.

PVC Gutters (polyvinyl chloride)

This is one cheap material comparing to the other materials used for guttering systems and that’s where its popularity comes from. However, this doesn’t mean it is a bad choice. PVC gutters will never rust or corrode and will ensure a relatively long lifespan. Nonetheless, it is better to use high-quality PVC material as some varieties tend to discolour and break much quicker than others.

Stainless Steel Gutters

This material will add up almost an eternal brilliance to the facade of your home. It is designed to be almost indestructible which is great, considering its high price. Although quite expensive, stainless steel will pay you off, as it will save from maintenance costs, frequent repairs and replacements.


Cast Iron Gutters

Very heavy and expensive material, it is a more traditional choice for your roof. Cast iron is immune to cracking and resistant to wind and shock, but it’s subject to corrosion which means it needs a regular painting.

Aluminium Gutters

It cost less than cast iron and it’s considerably lighter, also available in different coating colours. The aluminium gutters do not rust and are resistant to all weather conditions.



Guttering Shapes

The most popular guttering profiles are half rounded, deep flow, square and ogee. Let’s start with the most commonly used, half rounded gutters.

Half rounded gutters have a non-angular shape and are lower in capacity, according to the other shapes. However, this seems to be the most commonly used guttering shape as it is suitable for the most home styles.

Deep flow

Deep Flow gutters are perfect for a larger residential and commercial buildings, as they are able to drain larger roofs. If you have a larger property and prefer half-rounded shape this is an ideal alternative.

Square gutters

Square gutters are a perfect choice if you want a more modern look to your property. The square shape also provides large water carrying capacity.


Ogee gutters have a flat bottom, flat back and a decoration at the front, which gives a neat finish to your property. Similar to the square gutters, ogee gutters also provide a large water carrying capacity.

Guttering Shapes - Gutter Replacement

Guttering Shapes

Whichever guttering shape or material you choose for your new gutters, remember that they will always need cleaning and regular maintenance to be able to enjoy their long life.


When to consider replacing the gutters?

There are other reasons, that you might want to consider replacing the gutters apart of when the existing ones are too old and damaged to be repaired.

        1) Fascia Replacement

When a fascia board replacement or repair is necessary, the gutters should also be removed as the brackets which hold the gutters are screwed up onto the fascia board. Over the time the materials from which the gutters are made of (plastic, cast iron, etc.) weaken and become easily breakable while being removed. Even if the gutters and the holding brackets don’t break, the rubber on the joints which seals the guttering parts once disturbed it is likely to become incapable of performing its function. In this case, it is best to replace the joint instead of trying to repair it (in most cases with silicone)

       2) Incorrectly Gutter Installation

Another reason is when the existing gutters have been installed with an incorrect slope or flat. The gutters must be fitted slightly higher at the most distant side from the downpipe, so the rain water can always flow towards the pipe and then discharge into the drain.

In our opinion in most of the cases, the mistake is done only at one or two places. Then, this can be solved by removing the holding brackets and realigning them back on the right level. However, in other cases where the entire guttering system has been installed with incorrect level, its realigning becomes impossible. After standing in a certain position for a long time, the gutters amend its shape according to the holding brackets and the only option left is to replace the gutters entirely.

       3) Internal Renovation

It is not recommended to start any internal repair without thinking of when was the last time you had your gutters checked. You have to be sure that the gutters are in good condition, so the resources you invest will not be wasted.




Why my gutters leak?

Try to remember, when was the last time you had your gutters cleaned. Unfortunately, here in the UK we “suffer” from high humidity which is a precondition of moss formation. During rain, moss falls from the roof into the gutters and often it’s just a matter of getting the gutters cleaned. If the above does not apply to you and you clean your gutters regularly, then it is more likely to have a damaged gutter instead. Go outside and try to find out where the leak comes from (around a joint, at the downpipe, corner etc.) One of the greatest and common mistake that the poor guttering companies make is not fixing the guttering joint or the outlet to the fascia board, which over the time becomes loose and hangs downwards. Luckily, in most cases, this can be repaired by screwing it back in place or replaced if the sealing rubber has already rotten.

Rotten Eaves Felt

Another leak which is often mistaken for a guttering problem is rotten eaves felt. Every roof has eaves felt located at the lowest part of the roof, which overlaps into the guttering. Without the eaves felt, during rainfall the water can spray back from the gutter onto the fascia board, miss the gutter on a windy weather or enter the roof if there is a tiny gap between the tiles or if the tiles don’t overhang out enough. This can easily rot the wooden fascia board and if the rotten felt is not replaced with new one on time more serious damages will follow.

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