Gutter Repair

There are many reasons why gutters may start leaking and sagging. The first thing you’ll probably need to do is to get them cleaned. Often this is not enough and repair or replacement might be required. The dirt collected within the gutters become heavy and can damage part or even the entire guttering system. However, there are some steps that can be taken to identify what is causing the problem. Then it is just a matter of  applying the right solution.




Minor Gutter Repair

After the gutters and the downpipes are cleared of moss, leaves and other debris, it is then easy to see where the leak problem is coming from.

It is common plastic gutters to shrink or expand due to the weather conditions. This can lose some of the support brackets, slip the gutter out of the joint or outlet and remove the end cap. In this case, it is best to replace the damaged part rather than trying to repair it. However if we attempt a repair (this may include a change of the joint’s rubber seal, new fastening, silicon etc) we will refund the repair work charge if the gutter repair is inefficient.

Often minor gutter repair can be carried out during or after the gutter cleaning process. In this case we will reduce the repair cost as we are already at the site.   

Minor Gutter Repairs


Gutter Alignment

The collected water in the gutter should flow towards the downpipe, if the rainwater does not flow properly then it will start overflow (at the lowest points) during rainfall. In this case, the gutters should be refitted with the appropriate alignment, so the rainwater can flow towards the downpipe.

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Gutter Repairs, Gutter Replacements and Gutter Alignment Offered



Downpipe Repair and Replacement

The downpipes are an important part of the guttering system. Besides being ugly, old corroded downpipes create preconditions for leaks and can damage the facade of your property.  The old cast iron pipes can fall, which is a serious risk for both you and others passing close by.  


Downpipe Repair and Downpipe Replacement



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