Rain Water

5 Reasons You’ll Want To Clean Your Gutters




If you happen to live in some of the areas listed below and need your gutters checked you can call us on 0744 641 4469 / 0742 463 6733 or email us at info@scrappydioguttercleaning.co.uk



Gutters Life

Tips to extend the life of the guttering system
How often to check the draining system of the roof?
The time for inspection and maintenance of down pipes and gutters can double and eve triple the life of the drainage system of the roof. This, therefore, saves repair costs.

Our advice is to check their condition twice a […]

Save Water

Why do we need to think about water?

Outdoor water use accounts for around 7% of the total water use. In the summer, this can rise to over 50% of peak demand.

We encourage everybody to use rainwater for the garden instead of tap water. Catch all the water you can by fixing rain barrels to the guttering […]